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We support people of all ages who are facing a tough life situation of change, loss, trauma or grief - whatever the cause. We also assist those wanting to help them.

LINK To floods and storm support Information for adults, families, children, youth, schools, businesses and organisations affected by recent floods and storms.
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Managing Trauma, Loss and Grief in the Workplace

NEW Just launched, a practical handbook for workplace employers and leaders. Click here for information about it and to purchase your copy. See MEDIA RELEASE.
ALSO NOW AVAILABLE AROUND NZ - A Training Workshop for Leaders and Managers in your workplace.
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NEW See our online links directory for support information:

Support for those Bereaved by Suicide in NZ

Support for those Bereaved by Homicide in NZ 


Free Online Children's Book

To see a FREE online E BOOK version (for children who live with a parent who drinks too much). Click here.

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