Practical Matters



 Booklet download: After a suicide booklet – practical information for people bereaved by suicide helps people deal with practical issues following a suicide and suggests some ways of answering difficult questions, coping with grief and caring for yourself. Ministry of Health, written by Skylight with NZGG.

Skylight youth booklet: After the Sucide of Someone You know

Click here to purchase this NZ booklet  especially written for young people bereaved by a suicide.

Coronial Services

Under the Coroners Act 2006, NZ Police must report every suspected suicide to the local Coroner. Here is information about a Coroner's repsonsbilities and processes.


 ACC may be able to help following a suicide, however this will depend on the circumstances of the death. 

If a New Zealander dies by suicide overseas

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand

The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The  Langauage Translation Service (Department of Internal Affairs)

Dealing with Media attention

Coping with Media after a Serious Incident - by Victim Support
Working with the media - NZ Police
Media Reporting Rules.
The Law Commission asked to review suicide reporting rules in July 2013 and this is their review of reporting rules:
The New Zealand Journalist Code of Ethics

New Zealand Police

Missing persons and suicide

Cultural concerns and special needs

New Zealand Police Police Ethnic/Asian liaison officers

Supporting family/whanau care of any affected children and young people

Work and Income

The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust

Registering the death

Department of Internal Affairs Births, Deaths and Marriages Office - registering a death 
or  Freephone: 0800 22 52 52  

The death certificate

Department of Internal Affairs Births, Deaths and Marriages Office
or Freephone 0800 22 77 77

The deceased person's will


Finding a NZ Lawyer to assist you

The NZ Law Society listing - see also help about how to use this listing page

Planning the funeral or farewell                 

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) represents the majority of the funeral directing companies in New Zealand and uses a care

New Zealand Independent Funeral Homes

Finding a funeral celebrants

New Zealand Police

 The Police Service Commitment

About Forensics

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