Suicide support and advocacy organisations in NZ

Some people bereaved by suicide find that being in touch with others in a similar situation can be very helpful. Also, some find that taking some positive action is also beneficial, both for themselves and for others.

New Zealand Suicide Support Organisations

Victim Support

Has volunteers who train to be there for people faced with a trauma, including the aftermath of a suicide.  For support phone  0800 865 868


Skylight offers support for all ages after any kind of difficult change, loss, trauma or grief - including after a suciide. We offer personsalised support information packs on request, many suicide bereavement, grief and trauma support resources, counselling in some regions, workshops to help communities to better understand suicide and beraved by suicide support groups. Phone 0800 299 100 weekdays or email

Casper was started by two mothers who children died by suicide. It advocates politically for the needs of all those affected by suicide. It provides some practical, emotional and informational support to families bereaved by suicide. Phone 0508 CASPER.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation's work focuses on making mental health everybody's business. They provide free information and training, and advocate for policies and services that support people with experience of mental illness, and also their families/whanau and friends.

Helplines and resources

A list of some of the NZ HELPLINES services available, which offer support, information and help, if you (or others you know) need to talk to someone other than emergency services.

Suicide Survivors Support - Triple S (NZ) facebook group

International support networks

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