Bereaved by Homicide:The NZ Legal and Criminal Justice Systems

Each homicide has its own events, its own people, its own timing. Police, your Court Victim Advisor, Crown prosecutor, Coronial Case Manager and Victim Support worker can all provide support and information about the case.

These links take you to general information about various aspects of our New Zealand legal and criminal justice systems.

Finding out what YOU need to know

Ministry of Justice

  • For people affected by homicide – moving through the criminal justice system What happens and how to get support – online and available as a brochure in a range of languages

Courts of New Zealand

Victim Information

The Police investigation

 New Zealand Police

Police in your communities


Coronial Services

Court Victim Advisers

Victim Notification Register

New Zealand Parole Board

Attending the court case

If you are called as a witness

A Victim Impact Statement


  •  Sentencing: Introduction, The Sentencing Act 2002, Pre-sentence Reports, Victim Impact Statements, The Facts upon which the offender is sentenced, The Sentencing Hearing, Pronouncement of the Sentence, The Role of the Court of Appeal (Courts of New Zealand)

After Court

Parole for the convicted person

New Zealand Parole Board:



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