For Young People

Everyone experiences difficult stuff at some point, but some life situations can be very tough to handle. They can turn our lives upside down. They can cause all kinds of change and all kinds of stress.

It might be something like...a death, a family break up, an illness or an injury, a disability, a big disappointment, a broken relationship, a new step family, a natural disaster, an accident, making a big mistake, unemployment, getting burgled, seeing something terrible, getting into trouble with the police, moving away. Whatever the situation, you can get through it - even if it sometimes feels like you never will.

Have a flick through this info and see if there are any ideas that you could use to help you get through some tough times - or to support a friend facing difficult issues.

Getting Through Grief
Talking it out
Express it
Memories Matter
Request A Support Information Pack
Useful youth websites
Where to Find Help in a Crisis
Earthquake Support Information
Stressed Out? - posters to print out

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