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Tears and Grief

Tears and grief - some helpful perspectives... View post


"There are three needs of the griever: To find the words for the loss, to say the words aloud and to know that they have been heard." -Victoria Alexander... View post

How long does grief take?

How long does grief take? How long will I have to deal with it?... View post

After Winter there always comes Spring

When my own grief was at its greatest, when it was raw and harrowing and plain awful, it was also winter.... View post

Picking up the pieces of your life gently

Picking up the pieces of your life gently When you’re grieving a loss of any kind, it can feel very pressured as life continues to rush on by, expecting you to 'get back into it’…. Invitations might come to for events, people sha...... View post

Oh no...another anniversary is coming...

Ever felt tired, listless, flat, out of sorts, more anxious than usual and perhaps irritable...for no apaprent reason?... View post

The First Light of Day

After the toughest kind of night - full of wakefulness, grief and worries - I stepped outside as the first light of day dawned. No one else was up. All was still. I took some breaths of fresh air and looked about. If only I could stop the day and keep in ...... View post

Just Breathe

At times I found grief could leave me physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was sighing a lot and trying to catch some deep breaths. I was surprised when a friend explained that my grief could be affecting my breathing.... View post

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