Trauma, loss and grief support for New Zealand workers   

Trauma, loss and grief at work has been very much in the news over the last week and front line workers in particular may be feeling vulnerable as they go about their daily jobs.  A groundbreaking handbook from Skylight, a respected trauma and grief support agency, can help workplace leaders’ to understand the impact of trauma, loss and grief in their workplace and how to mitigate these.

Skylight’s Deputy Chief Executive Tricia Irving Hendry says, “Critical events have a powerful impact on people at work and on the dynamics of the workplace. It’s vital that support mechanisms are put in place to support those going through trauma, change, loss and grief.”

Traumatic events can have a major impact on staff wellbeing and functionality and as the full impact of recent events ripple through the nation, providing effective support for people at this time is essential.  The Skylight handbook offers key guidelines and tools for workplace leaders to support their staff compassionately and effectively when they are dealing with difficult and stressful situations. 

  “When an employee is struggling at work, it’s important to be aware of this and to start conversations with them. Understanding the individualised nature of trauma and grief reactions is key, as well as being aware of how to implement support strategies.” Says Skylight Chief Executive Bice Awan,

Managing trauma, loss and grief in the workplace is straight talking and strategic handbook. To order a copy, visit or telephone 0800 299 100. A one-day Skylight workshop ‘Managing trauma loss and grief in your workplace’ complements the

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