Tips to supporting children and young people


About Loss and Grief

Life can bring us all kinds of difficult change to deal with. That can mean we end up with situations that we don’t want. We may lose something or someone, or miss having things the way they used to be. Loss can turn our lives upside down, create huge emotional turmoil and take a long time to adjust to.

Children and young people who are facing difficult changes and losses need all the support and understanding they can get – especially when what's happened proves very hard for them to accomodate.

All sorts of life situations cause difficult change and loss, such as: family break up, bereavement, illness, disability, accident, injury, broken friendships, moving, being a victim of crime, violence, bullying, sexual abuse, making a big mistake, having a big disappointment, foster care, family conflict, new step family issues, death of a pet, someone in prison, addictions, and being affected by a disaster. What else can you think of?


The thoughts, feelings and reactions children and young people experience when we’re faced with difficult times

Grief is a natural, normal human response to loss. It’s a process. It's the way we gradually adjust our lives to the reality of what’s happened – whatever that might be.

  • Everyone grieves differently
  • There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to experience grief
  • There’s no secret ‘method’ that will take your grief instantly away
  • There are no ‘rules’
  • There is no set timetable
  • Grief isn’t a test
  • It isn’t a race or a competition
  • And while it might be hard to believe, it does slowly get easier to handle over time
  • Even a long time after a loss, reminders and memories can trigger fresh grief reactions
  • Grief can affect us emotionally, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually


Looking for help and support makes sense?

At times, if grief becomes very hard to cope with, it is important to look for some extra help and support. Many people say that it's helpful finding others they can trust to talking to someone they trust about grief makes a difference. Some find visiting their GP is also helpful.

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