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Price: $8.00
Author : Skylight
Country : New Zealand
Weight : 29
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Journey Stones

Skylight’s journey stones are a unique, innovative gift of encouragement for those of any age ( 5 - 100+ years! ) who are going through tough times whatever the cause. These journey stones have been used in Skylight’s work for many years, and because of their simple success, we now make them available as gifts. In the colourful drawstring bag is a special card of explanation and three very different stones. Each stone reminds the owner of a different part of their lives. Together, they encourage the owner to recognise the difficult things, but also the good and positive things, and who and what can be trusted and relied on, no matter what. They can be used as conversation starters, and as they sit together in their owner’s hand, they help to bring perspective and hope. All proceeds will go towards our work supporting people of all ages who face tough life situations.