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Children’s Grief Value Pack!


An excellent dollar saving kit of support resources for grieving children .

To order: Phone 0800 299 100 or go to

It is great value! Usually retails at $99.20 this pack is available to you at the special price of $79.36 plus postage and packaging



Something Has Happened

Grief is like a Huge Wave                                                                  

When Tough Stuff happens                                                             

Children’s Booklet - When someone important to you has died                                    

Journey Stones                                                                                    

Understanding the Losses Children and Teenagers Can face and ways to support them

Memories Matter Card set

 6 Information leaflets:                                                                                          

  • When your mum or dad dies
  • When your friend dies
  • Answering a Child's questions about death and dying
  • When your grandparent dies
  • Supporting a friend –who is grieving a loss of any kind
  • When your pet dies