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Author : Tricia Irving Hendry
Country : New Zealand
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Managing Trauma, Loss and Grief in the Workplace



Developed in New Zealand by Skylight, in partnership with EAPworks.

This ground breaking handbook is an essential tool that will support organisations in the development and management of their health, safety and wellbeing culture.

It has been written for employers, business owners, board trustees, senior executives, HR, managers and supervisors.

It addresses the significant challenges of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace and the implications of these on productivity and financial outcomes.

The handbook is a straight talking and strategic document.  It is 96 pages, easy to navigate, user friendly with full colour and engaging images.

It provides:

*  Core information to increase your understanding about the nature, impact and costs of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace

*   Practical guidelines to assist you to support employees, clients and customers through difficult situations and show them they are valued

*  Resilience building strategies for you and your team

*  Sources of additional help as necessary.

A Professional Development Workshop that complements this handbook is also available.
The handbook has an associated high quality workshop relevant to workplace leaders at all levels. Enquire on 0800 299 100.