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Price: $65.00
Author : Skylight
Country : New Zealand
Weight : 662g
cat_pos : 37

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Getting Stronger Game

This innovative Skylight game - GETTING STRONGER - is ground breaking and addresses the needs of the most vulnerable groups of children in our communities. (See the key issues and topics the game addresses listed below.)

GETTING STRONGER is one game board, with challenges and accessories, that is  played with different specialist topic sets - making it adaptable for a range of tough issues that children face. It's designed for professionals and support workers who work alongside children 8-14 years.

Buy the board and all the great accessories in a colourful box, then select and purchase separately the topic cards most relevant to play with it.

(Please note : you need to purchase at least   one topic card set to play the game.)

The first topics chosen for these ‘topic sets’ reflect requests from specialists around New Zealand seeking practical tools to genuinely help, encourage and support young people caught up in some very sensitive and difficult life situations. We have used the best expertise we possibly can to ensure their content is sound and safe and helpful to therapeutically engage with young people between 8 and 14 years on some of life’s most difficult challenges. For example, the first topic sets Skylight offers are for those 8-14 year olds, and are available at $12.00 per pack:

MORE INFORMATION about the game's background and development by Skylight.