Skylight plays an active part in creating positive change for children, young people, adults and their families and friends who are facing tough times.

Each year, many New Zealand children and young people are emotionally impacted by events that cause significant change, loss or grief in their lives. The overall costs of this are high to our communities. For example, research in New Zealand and internationally confirms that children's and young people's loss and grief can impact their later lives considerably. It can affect learning and school life, social interactions, health, self-esteem, future relationships and life choices. Significant loss is very often evident in the backgrounds of youth involved in substance abuse, youth offending or suicide.

Grief also affects adults in a vast array of ways, impacting the workplace and productvity, a community's mental health, relationships and resilience, and the wellbeing of individuals and families overall.

Skylight takes up opportunities to advocate for awareness and systemic change at national government, local government and organisation levels, to ensure the availability of grief support in communities where it is absent. This support helps mitigate the serious and far-reaching consequences of grief.

Skylight works hard to highlight the real voices, and needs, of hurting and grieving people, of all ages and stages. But we also work hard to provide practical options and resources for their effective support.

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