Memories Matter

When someone has left, moved a long way away or died, it can feel like they've been ripped away from you. It's important to know that you can continue having a special link and bond with that person, especially if they have been really close to you. They are part of your life – part of who you are.

Remembering and finding ways to stay connected with someone means you can keep your link with them.

It's a really personal thing. Here are some ideas some young people suggest:

  • if it's possible, keep in touch with them by phone, visits, letters, texting or email
  • if it's not possible, write a letter to the person, saying how you're feeling and just keep it, leave it somewhere special or throw it away - whatever suits
  • visit somewhere you've both been together - or do something you did together
  • make a photo board or scrapbook to help you remember good times
  • talk aloud to the person - in your room, to their photo, or at a special place. Say how you really feel - whatever that is
  • write them a song, poem or story dedicate something you make or create to them
  • plant a tree or flowers visit a special place wear their clothes - like an old T-shirt or hat
  • spend anniversary days and special holidays - like Christmas - with others who miss them too. Talk about the person with others. Swap memories.
  • Make a special Christmas tree decoration with the person's name on light a candle to remember them.

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