How Can I Help My Child or Teen After What Has Happened? Supporting Your Child or Teen after a Traumatic Event - a new Skylight leaflet, also available in hard copy.

Awesome Pages for Children Coping with Changes after the Earthquake - ideas when you have to cope with lots of changes (written by Skylight for NZ's Upstart Magazine)

Great Tips for Children and Families - some stress busters when things are hard! - Post these on your wall or fridge at home! (written by Skylight for NZ's Upstart Magazine)

See Jo Jos Place for children and younger teens affected by earthquakes.

Helping Young Children to Sleep after earthquakes

New Zealand's Ministry of Education – Earthquake advice to schools, teachers and school parents

Supporting Your Baby or Infant after the Earthquake - see this short video clip

My Earthquake a guided workbook for children, families and teachers, from From The Children's Psychological Health Center, USA

Helping Children After Trauma - by John Cowan, Parents Inc (NZ)

Helping a Child Manage Fears –  helping a child cope with traumatic events. (Sidran Institute)

Understanding Child Traumatic Stress – How psychological trauma in children differs from trauma in adults. (The National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Tips for Helping Gifted, Highly Sensitive Teens & Kids Cope with Trauma  

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Helpful Personal Trauma Recovery Information

Helpful Information for Professionals and Supporting Workers Assisting Adults, Teens and Children Impacted By the Earthquake

For Organisations, Employers and Managers as the Support Staff, Clients and Customers

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