Express It!

Everyone is different. For some, expressing themselves is easy. For others, it's hard. Find ways that suit you, because letting your thoughts and feelings out can make a significant and positive difference to your grief experience. It can release a lot of the tension inside.

In fact, sometimes it's hard to know what you're actually feeling and thinking exactly. You can be reacting in different ways all at the same time.

Finding a way to let out even a small amount of what's inside can help ease the pressure.

Maybe you could use words... like...

talk - email - phone - text - blog - post on an internet message board write someone a letter - even if you don't send it keep a journal or a diary write your story - a poem - a play - a song

You could do something else creative... like...

sing - make music - drum - play an instrument make a video dance - choreograph draw - sketch - paint - design - make - build plant - create a garden take photos

You could get physical and you could play... like...

play a sport - kick a ball - throw a ball - chuck a frisbee go to a gym hit a pillow - yell and kick empty boxes breathe deeply - stretch climb a hill - run - walk - tramp - swim swing at the park

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