Earthquake Support Information

We have listed below an extensive list of web links providing high quality information to assist you, and those you support, through tough times following Earthquakes and their Aftershocks. Ths includes for children and young people.

Scroll through to the sections most relevant to you, or those you support.
(You may also like to see also the range of special support resources for disaster aftermath and trauma .)

Helpful Wgtn and Central New Zealand
Earthquake Updates and Information

Wellington City Council

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMOnz) - facebook updates

GetThru - practical information about how best to manage before, during and after a disaster

Wellington Civil Defence Information

How to look for earthquake damage

For Parents and Families and Children and Teens

Ideas about understanding and supporting Children and Teens through a time of earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks. Click Here

See the activities and links available in our children's and youth pages.

For All

Post Traumatic Stress - ways to cope with it - help for all those finding they are having strong reactions to the Earthquakes and aftershocks.

Stressed Out? Developed by Skylight, these are colourful posters you can download for notice boards or hallways, for workplaces or homes, and for all ages.

Factors That Can Help Build Up Resilience - as offered by Skylight on Radio NZ after Canterbury Quakes

Tips for Sleeping in stressful times

6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less  from TIME

Helpful Breathing Exercies from Discovery Health

For Organisations, Employers or Managers

Support grieving staff, their families, clients and customers after the earthquake. Click Here

Helpful Personal Trauma Recovery Information

Useful information about understanding post traumatic stress and grief, and ways to cope with it and look after yourself and others. Click Here

For Professionals and Support Workers

Information and resources for those assisting people of all ages affected by the earthquake. Click Here

Skylight Earthquake Aftermath Resources

See  the range of earthquake aftermath resources in our shop, and the activities and links available in our children's and youth pages.

When the quakes go on and on and on. Easy to read, this has been specifically written by Skylight in response to Canterbury people now telling us just how difficult ongoing coping is.It gives them many options to try to take control of their own wellbeing as much as possible. Relevant also for people of any other region experiencing aftershocks.

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