22 February 2016

Coping with stress on the earthquake anniversary


Five years on from the February 22 earthquake, people in Canterbury can be proud of how they’ve coped and helped the city’s children through, says Skylight chief executive Heather Henare.

Skylight is a national organisation supporting all ages through trauma, loss and grief in their lives.

Heather Henare says for outside observers five years might seem like a long time, but for those still working through insurance claims and home repairs, and dealing with ongoing disruption on a day to day basis, reminders of the traumatic event are all around them.

“Healing and recovery from traumatic events will be different for everyone.”

“Grief doesn’t follow a timetable, and reactions can be triggered off by different memories or reminders. Last weekend’s quake also re-awakened emotions for many.”

“It can be particularly difficult for children. I applaud Christchurch people for the way they continue to support each other, and seek help when they need it, to get through.”

“If emotions are triggered by remembering and reflecting on the fifth anniversary, I urge people to reach out and find someone to talk to.”

Skylight has practical information and resources available for people facing stress, and helping children through tough times, on their website.


For further information contact

Skylight Chief Executive Heather Henare

0211965977 or 04 9396767

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