For Children

Look below for some activities and links that can give you some helpful information and support during tough times. Check out all the different things that are here, or ask an adult to help. Which ones could be useful for your own situation?

An activity book especially for children who experienced the Canterbury earthquake - click here

Awesome Pages for Children Coping with Changes after the Earthquake - ideas when you have to cope with lots of changes (written by Skylight for NZ's Upstart Magazine)

Great Tips for Children and Families - some stress busters when things are hard! - Post these on your wall or fridge at home! (written by Skylight for NZ's Upstart Magazine)

Activities for young children 3 - 5 years old

Feelings - Everyone Has Them (Skylight)

If Feelings Could Be Colours (Skylight)

Activities for children 6 - 12 years old

The Maze (Skylight)

Feeling Faces (Skylight)

Break the Code (Skylight)

The Feelings Game (by do2learn)

About Face - how do the different friends feel? (Arthur Games by Marc Brown)

Feelings Matching Games - scroll down to explore different feelings activities (by Anglomaniacy)

Dealing with Feelings (by Kid Vision)

When You're really Stressed

Relax - here's how! 

If Someone in Your Family is Mentally Unwell

It's Allright  (SANE, Australia) a site with fun stuff and facts for children who know that dealing with mental illness in your family can be hard. 

If you have a parent in prison

Just Us  (NZ) interactive pages to help and support you

About Bullying

No Bully (by Telecom and NZ Police, NZ) - info for kids and parents about bullying

Bullying! (Childline UK) - lots of useful tips about bullying

Bullying Resources (Open Colleges, Australia) - info on types of bullying, how to handle being bullied, how to help if your child is being bullied, what teachers can do

Keeping Yourself Safe from Violence

Bursting the Bubble - a site for older children and teenagers that talks about keeping yourself safe from violence and abuse. (by DVIRC Victoria, Australia) (The contact details in it, aren't New Zealand ones.)

Feel Safe at Home - What to do if Violence is Happening Around You - by the NSPCC UK) This is an online book to read, so wait for it to download properly. (The contact details in it, aren't New Zealand ones.)

Keeping Well and Happy

Kids' Health USA  - lots of child friendly information about you, your body and your life. (Australia)

Kids Health - a website where you can search for helpful information about feelings and about any health issue you'd like to know about.

Getting Across - how to keep safe on the roads - all sorts of great ideas! (Department of Transport, UK)

Telephone Help Lines for New Zealand Kids

Kidsline (NZ) - info and telephone counselling for children age 9 to 13 years old

Whatsup (NZ)- counselling phone line for children and young people 5 - 18 yrs, available 7 days a week between 1pm and 11pm, staffed by trained counsellors.

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