Resilience Building

Resilience is the capacity to cope with challenges and setbacks and be able to move forward again.

There's been a lot of excellent research around the world about ways to build resilience. Here is a range of articles on this topic that may be useful:

The Story of the Donkey and the Well - an anonymous, read along story for all ages

Action for Happiness - 10 Keys to Happier Living (UK)

The Road to Resilience (USA)

Building Resilience (Australia)

Resilience Guide for Parents and Teachers (USA)

Building Resilience in Children (USA)

Helping Children Build Resilience (Australia)

The Little Things are the Big Things (Australia) 

Risk, Protection and Resilience - youth resilience research findings

Raising Reseilient Children During Tough Economic Times (Hawaii,USA)

Building Resilience in face of a disaster (USA)

Resilience Guide - for parents & teachers 

Factor that can help build up Resilience (Skylight)

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