Bereavement Support Links

See also bereavement links for children and young people.

General Bereavement

Help Guide - coping with grief and loss, support for bereavement

Bereavement by Age Group (children and teens) (NZ)

Victim Support NZ - provides info and support to NZ victims of crime

Winston's Wish - supporting bereaved children, teens and their families (UK)

Bereaved Families of Ontario - support for bereaved families (Canada)

Dougy Centre - grief support for children, teens and parents (USA)

HELLO GRIEF!  - excellent US grief support site

When Grief Gets Complicated or Leads to Depression

Complicated Grief - Mayo Clinic (USA)

Explaining Death to Children

My Grandad Plants People!- a simple and very engaging guide for grown-ups when children ask tricky questions about death by Chris Earl of P&SW Co-operative Society (UK)

When a Parent Has Died
Helping a Child When a Parent Has Died (NZ)

When a Baby or Child has Died
What to do When Your Child Has Died - information for parents and carers (NZ)

Experiencing Grief When Your Child Has Died (NZ) 

Miscarriage Support - a team of volunteers of various ages who have all experienced the loss of  babies and would like to provide emotional support and information for women and their families during and after miscarriage and subsequent pregnancies
Sands NZ Pregnany, baby and infant loss support. Sands is a network of parent-run, non-profit groups supporting families who have experienced the death of a baby. We have over 25 groups/contact people around the country.

SIDS NZ  is a national organisation of parents, families and friends of babies or young children who have died suddenly and/or unexpectedly of any cause, including SIDS.

Twin Loss NZ- A New Zealand wide group for those who have lost one or more or all of their twins, triplets or more from early pregnancy to childhood and beyond, including the loss of a twin sibling in adulthood. 

SIDS and Kids Western Australia - for parents experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal and SIDs death (Australia)

The Lost Ones  - after the loss of a child through Miscarriage, Stillbirth or SIDS. Click on 'forum' for the discussion pages.

Helping Siblings after the Death of a Brother or Sister
Helping your child after their sister, brother or cousin has died: information for parents or carers

After a Suicide
Survivors of Suicide - for those impacted by the suicide of someone close

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)- suicide prevention info and giving a voice to suicide survivors

After a Drowning Death
Drowning Support Network for those bereaved by a drowning or aquatic accident of any kind. UK site in origin but open to all. Scroll down for all the various articles, including grief after a drowning.
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