Skylight's beginnings

In 1996 a children's bereavement support group was operating in Wellington at Mary Potter Hospice. A committed team provided a fortnightly programme. When the Hospice needed to conclude this service, some of the team members investigated the possibility of establishing a children's grief support agency elsewhere. It was to be for children facing all kinds of grief, loss and trauma.

From 1996 to 1998 fundraising and planning got underway and in late 1998 Skylight was born. Bice Awan, was our first staff member and Chief Executive. 

Skylight operates as a social enterprise, balancing our social mission with the need to generate income to ensure we contribute to our own sustainability. Along with the generous help of donors and sponsors, this approach has enabled us to continue to meet the needs of all those who contact us for support. The organisation today offers support and specialist resources to children, teens, adults and their families and friends who are impacted by any kind of grief - whatever the cause, whatever their age, and wherever they live in New Zealand.

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