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Price: $20.00
Author : Chris Szekely and Malcolm Ross
Country : New Zealand
Weight : 461
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Rahui (English version)

Rāhui is the exceptional new children's book by Huia Publishers told through the eyes of children.

From a story by Chris Szekely and beautifully illustrated by Malcolm Ross (1948 - 2003), Rāhui takes the reader on a wonderful journey to a cousin's holiday in a rural Māori community having adventures and fun together - playing in the bush, riding horses, fishing, eeling and swimming at the beach.

However, 'one day, when we were swimming, my cousin Thomas went missing. We thought he had gone home.'

And so, during the holiday, a death leads to a rāhui being placed on the beach. The book is at once joyous and wistful, with the illustrations richly evoking the atmosphere of the setting and people.