Choosing Positive Paths

Parents Information Kit after Violence in the Family


Choosing Positive Paths is an excellent Australian resource kit developed and published by Women’s Health West and Berry Street, Victoria, Australia. It is for parents concerned about their children who have experienced family or domestic violence. Those caring for a child who's witnessed or experienced violence are often concerned how thie will affect them, and the effects can depend on many factors. But there's lots those caring for them can do. This kit (used here with permission) is vewry helpful and provides current information and suggestions. The kit is made up of information brochures, each containing information and tips. Click to view, download and print the brochures that interest you. Please note: As this is produced in Australia, the help contact info cannot be used within New Zealand. Please contact your local community centre, Citizens Advice Bureau, Victim Support Office, Family Support Agency or Doctor for helpful post violence support links inside New Zealand.

Parenting, violence and your safety (200 KB)

Parenting a Baby who has experienced violence (177 KB)

Parenting a Toddler who has experienced violence (227 KB)

Parenting a Preschooler who has experienced violence (228 KB)

Parenting a 5 to 12-year-old who has experienced violence (213 KB)

Parenting a Teenager who has experienced violence (221 KB)

Parenting: talking about separation, moving and contact (177 KB)

Parenting: talking about behaviour and the effects of violence (203 KB)

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