Skylight and other organisations are raising awareness of the powerful impact loss and grief can have on the lives of children, young people their family/whanau and community. Loss and grief in the wider context can relate to everyday experiences which we struggle to cope with. Everyone has their own experience and is affected or triggered in different ways. Sometime just knowing who to reach out to can start you on your path to healing. 

Skylight is facilitating the Loss and Grief Awareness Week campaign which is an opportunity for the community, partners and key stakeholders to work together and share ideas and information that effectively supports people along their journey to heal.

Skylight has invited other organisations and community groups working with people from right across New Zealand around loss and grief to share their event and work together. Together we can turn the flashlight on around New Zealand through wide participation. Check out our map of who's doing what. 

Skylight is helping more people with less resources and need to get creative about the way they raise awareness and money to provide critical support resources and services. We are running a number of events over the week of the campaign. 

Checkout our Give a Little Page where your will able to help Skylight Trust to support children and young people to deal with tough times. Supporting us doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming – just do something. We and the children and young people of New Zealand truly appreciate your support. 

 Tips for supporting children and young people

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